How to use this Shiny App:

This app can be used to visualize a high number of significant patterns of Linkage Disequilibrium between some multiallelic loci. Additionally, it is possible to compare multiple populations at the same time and make use of "Complementary plots" to better understand the distribution of allele frequencies and stdres from your data to decide the treshold that interest you

1.- Upload you data in the right format

On te next slide you will find the app already loaded with an example file. You can upload a file of the same format and turn off the use of this example file to explore your own data. If you desire to look at this example file, it can be downloaded on the right.

Remember that your dataframe must contain either 5 columns (haplo, obs, exp, diff, stdres) or 6 columns (haplo, obs, exp, diff, stdres, population).