Estimation of sLD in multiallelic systems

This app allows you to estimate sLD on a multiallelic system conformed by many pairs of allels from two differen loci, displayed on heat maps.

Sometimes, there is a part of the values of difference observed that can be explained just by means of other values of differences from the same system, this measure tries to extract information from the complex pattern observed in the diff variable to be able to evaluate the significance of haplotypes that have really been affected by LD.

Before starting, let's choose whether we want to work with a simulation or introduce real data from a .ga2l file.

Heat map

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sLD heat map

Compare diff and sLD

The value shown in stdres has been calculated starting from the diff, but we propose to take into account the effect of each difference value on the rest of the system. For this, you can look at the differences between diff and sLD

You can download the results of the estimation together with the plot that have been generated using the following button.

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