Validate UNIFORMAT syntax

Fatal error: exception Sys_error("Is a directory")

Ouch. An error occured : Is a directory

Please check the documentation on the previous page.

Please try again, and if the error persists, contact us.

Summary of Uniformate:

Launched on : 2023-11-29T05:22:11+00:00
Data file :

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2 comments on “Results

  1. William Lemieux

    I have an issue where uniformate identifies some errors in several lines of the data, but the errors resolve when I click on Fix for each line. Have you experienced or seen similar issues? I prepared the data from a Windows environment.

    Thanks in advance,
    William Lemieux

    • Hi William,
      this message got lost during a mail server problem we had back in time.
      In the meanwhile it should no longer happen bit who knows. In any case, for clarity, the fix works by changing the dos line termination (‘\r\n’) into a proper unix one (‘\n). Sometimes it may also happen from macs whose termination (‘\r’) also need to be corrected.
      Many text editors allow to change the end-of-line format directly.
      Kind regards,

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