Population Genetics, Anthropology and Evolution (PGAE)

Component update (October 2020):
A Research Grant Agreement has been signed with Thermo Fisher to provide AllType 11 loci Illumina kits (up to 2,000 NGS HLA typings in total) for laboratories enrolled in the PGAE Component. Twenty groups have declared their interest either to perform new typings by using these NGS kits or to submit high-resolution HLA population data. Up to now, these data represent populations from different geographic regions, mostly in Europe, North Africa, India and South America. Data collection will take place in 2020-2021.

In the component we also aim to include data from our closest relatives, the non-human primates (NHP). Three NHP-groups have already enrolled in the PGAE Component and are either sequencing the samples or ready to provide the data for analysis.

We still encourage laboratories to participate by testing new population samples or providing existing data (from minimum 2nd-field level of resolution to full-gene sequencing data) for a highly successful Component.