Basic statistics

Basic statistics

Please note that this tool replaces both One-locus summary and Two-locus summary. Read more about these tools (and see examples of input files) in the usage overview.

Provides one and two-locus allele and haplotype frequencies as well as tests for Hardy-Weinber equilibrium, selective neutrality, global and individual linkage disequilibrium at multiple loci. It requires as input a valid UNIFORMAT file with loci data.

Note that if the sample size is limited or the data are too ambiguous, multiple solutions can occur during the frequency estimation. Under such conditions, the test for linkage disequilibrium cannot be performed and an error message is returned.

Filenames of type Lab_Region_Population_Loci.unif with loci separated by a tilda (~) are expected (e.g. AHPD-collection_SE-EUR_Slovenians_A~C~B~DRB1.unif) and input must be a valid UNIFORMAT file with .unif extension.

Data file:

In the event the execution times-out and generates an Error 500, please provide an e-mail address to receive a link to download the results once the processing is complete: