Charts & Maps

Generate Charts & Maps

Provides allele and haplotype frequency charts and maps. Enter an allele or haplotype, and select the geographic region(s) of interest.

This programme requires that the names submitted correspond to valid allele or haplotype names (currently allele names at both first (e.g. A*02) and second-field (e.g. B*44:02) and two-locus names at first-field levels of resolution (e.g. DRB1*01∼DQB1*05)), and that the latter are observed at a frequency greater than 5% in at least one population. This is a precaution to avoid over-interpretation of non-representative, possibly unreliable, frequency estimates.

The two-locus names can be selected among the 6 following pairs of loci: A~B, A~DRB1, B~C, B~DRB1, DQA1~DQB1 and DRB1~DQB1.

Allele or Haplotype:


The category ‘Other’ includes European populations of more recent origin (e.g. Gypsies).

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