Family phaser

Family phaser

Establishes haplotype phase for family data. Input is UNIFORMAT file with a modified identifier. There are no limits on the number of families included in each file.

Valid UNIFORMAT files are expected (e.g. loci are tab separated), putative homozygous are indicated by a single allele, real homozygous by allele,allele and unknown typings should be marked as blank.

The identifiers should start with a few additional information related with the family separated by :, that is, the family name, a number identifier in the family, the position in the family and the number identifiers of the parents (or zero if unknown), like in Fxxx1:1:child:2:3:regular_id. Both parents must be included in the file even if their typing is not complete.

The filenames are expected to end on .unif
(e.g. Demo-EFI_SE-EUR_Czech-families_A~B~C~DRB1.unif).

Data file:

In the event the execution times-out and generates an Error 500, please provide an e-mail address to receive a link to download the results once the processing is complete: