Regional analysis

Continental analysis

Compares genotype data for a given locus with selected data representative of world regions. Output is an MDS representation of the selected continental region(s) and the (optional) submitted sample. At least one region must be selected.
Input (optional) must be a valid UNIFORMAT file with .unif extension.


Resolution level:


The category ‘Other’ includes European populations of more recent origin (e.g. Gypsies).

Add your data file to the mix: (optional)

You may include your own data file in the analysis if you wish. Please don’t forget to indicate from which region it originates. The current version of this tool performs analyses on a large collection of European population samples and from neighbor geographic regions (see above). Data from other regions can be used but the plot might not be very informative. More regions will be included in the future.

The category ‘Other’ should be used for European populations of more recent origin (e.g. Gypsies).
If the geographical region of the population is not listed, choose “Not available”.

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