Analysis of HLA Population Data (AHPD)

Analysis of HLA population data to reconstruct the history of modern humans and infer the role of natural selection.

The project AHPD was a component of the International Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics Workshop (IHIW), being fully active during its 15th (2008, Buzios, Brazil) and 16th (2012, Liverpool, UK) editions. Its main objective was to analyze HLA population data from all over the world to help reconstructing the history of modern humans and better understand the mechanisms underlying the evolution of this complex polymorphism.

Population samples from all continents were provided and analyzed by the participants, and two main papers were published (Nunes et al. 2012 and Riccio et al. 2013). Like for HLA-NET, the long-term continuation of the AHPD project is now partly assumed by the EFI Population Genetics working group.