One-locus summary

One-locus summary

Read more about these tools (and see examples of input files) in the usage overview.

Provides numeric frequency estimate results and a graphic representation of the relevant EM-based frequency estimates, assesment of Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (nested likelihood ratio test) and selective neutrality (adapted from the Slatkin-Ewens-Watterson neutrality test).

Filenames of type Lab_Region_Population_Locus.unif are expected (e.g. AHPD-collection_SE-EUR_Slovenians_A.unif) and input must be a valid UNIFORMAT file with .unif extension.

Output sorting options:

Data file:

In the event the execution times-out and generates an Error 500, please provide an e-mail address to receive a link to download the results once the processing is complete:

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